The Messy Ones

Bishop’s Beef Burger (£10.95) – 8oz homemade beef burger, smoked bacon, Monterey jack cheese, shoestring onions and hand cut chips.

Breaded BBQ Chicken Smother burger (£10.95) – Breaded chicken breast smothered in a cheese sauce served in a crispy bread bun with BBQ sauce, smoked bacon, shoestring onions and skinny fries & homemade coleslaw.

Rustic Steak Melt Sandwich (£10.95) – Tender top rump steak, melted cheese, caramelised red onion and whole grain mustard mayo served in a crusty bread bun with skinny fries & homemade coleslaw.

Cajun Chicken Wrap (£10.95) – Strips of fresh Cajun chicken breast, peppers and onion, covered in mozzarella cheese and chipotle mayo. Served in a warm tortilla wrap with coleslaw and spicy fries.

Halloumi Wrap (£9.95) – A selection of vegetables sautéed in a sweet chilli sauce. Served in a warm tortilla wrap with grilled halloumi and fresh salad leaves. Accompanied with skinny fries and coleslaw.


Sweet Potato Fries (£3.50)

Skinny Fries (£3.00)

Chunky Chips (£2.50)