Creamy Garlic Mushrooms (V) (£5.00)  Sautéed mushrooms served in a creamy, garlic & white wine sauce.

Camembert (V) (£6.00) – Baked cheese, baked with mixed herbs, served with warm crusty bread and red onion chutney.

Thai Chicken Skewer (£6.00) – Strips of chicken marinated in a Thai sauce, oven baked on a bed of leaves.

Black Pudding and Chorizo Stack (£6.50) – Slices of black pudding and chorizo pan fried, served with homemade red onion chutney.

Spicy Beef Strips (£5.50) – Succulent pieces of rump steak pan fried with chilli, peppers & salsa.

Battered Brie (V) (£5.00) – Creamy wedges of brie deep fried in beer batter, served with red onion chutney.

Garlic King Prawns (£6.00) – Succulent black tiger prawns, part shell on, pan fried in garlic & herbs.